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In our fast moving, quick fix world it's important to remain focused on quality and integrity. Our customers and products are top priority! With so many options available the one thing that sets you apart from the crowd is phenomenal customer service. Craftsmanship and quality doesn't have to mean overpriced. Our services and goods are painstakingly crafted with focused attention to detail and construction.  Each item thoughtfully created to maximize your bang for the buck while providing affordable luxury to our customers. Oh yeah, and we have fun while doing it!

Custom Orders

If you are ordering a custom piece please allow 7 business days for shipping. In the rare instance production time exceeds this time frame we will be sure to contact you to make alternate arrangements.


GinAbe Atelier 

We spare no detail creating your bespoke goods. Our Atelier works closely with each client to help them fully realize their design concepts. GinAbe Designs has worked with numerous interior designers to create custom one of a kind pieces. If you can imagine it we can make it! 

We know our textiles

Our vast knowledge of textiles can guide you in choosing the perfect fabric for your project. Our studio has a large selection of fabrics so all sourcing can be completed in-house.

Custom work completed in 2-4 weeks on average 

Consultations by appointment.



We'd love to collaborate with you! If you'd like to sell our items in your store  feel free to fill out the form below. Our wholesale products are priced to allow for generous retail margins. Let's do it!

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